Science - Vital to Australia’s recovery

Professional Scientists Australia: The voice of scientists in Australia

Professional Australia Scientists The voice of scientists in Australia There is no doubt that science and scientists are vital to Australia’s health and economic recovery and to positioning us for a strong competitive future both globally and in our region post-COVID-19.

Our scientists – from pathologists to vets, IVF experts, food technologists, geologists, surveyors, chemists, molecular biologists, agricultural scientists, environmental scientists, botanists, computer scientists, pharmacologists, medical physicists, medical scientists, meteorologists, defence scientists and forestry scientists – work each day in areas as diverse as they are critical to our future.

Just as critically, many scientists are engaged in industry – more likely to be working at a desk or on site in a high-vis vest than at the lab bench. These people deploy the skills they gained in their undergrad and post-grad science degree/s in roles as diverse as quality assurance officers, software developers, health and safety officers, senior administrators, science communicators, technical officers and advisors, policy-makers and regulators, cyber-security advisors, web-developers, directors and CEOs.

No matter what roles and fields scientists work in, it’s crucial that their voices are heard and expertise listened to as we recover from the coronavirus crisis and respond to the challenges we face across our communities and the economy. Professional Scientists Australia will defend science not only as fundamental to a healthier, more prosperous world but also for the $330 billion it has contributed to Australia’s economic output over the last 30 years and the one million plus Australian jobs it supports.