A Better Fertility Industry is Possible

Right now, scientists in the Fertility Industry are experiencing three concurrent crises: chronically high workloads, de-professionalisation with no requirements for registration, and a lack of support from industry to undertake critical research and professional development. All of these crises have something crucial in common. These are systemic problems and PSA members are proud to be fighting for systemic solutions like mandatory staff to patient ratios in laboratories, mandatory registration requirements, and support to undertake research and professional development. Scientists and technicians are coming together to fight for these solutions and build a better Fertility Industry.

Read our Full Submission to FSA Here.

With scientists and technicians struggling and patient safety under threat, we can’t just wait around for progressive change. It’s time for us to act.

Our campaign is fighting for a powerful set of claims that will protect patient safety and ensure the industry is driven by best practice science, informed patients and scientists who have the time and training to look after each patient properly. The time for half measures is over.

We need solutions that are big enough to match the crises PSA members face.

Read our Full Industry Claims Here.

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