Pharmacists join the fight against Mater’s cuts

Mater has proposed a new classification structure with significant cuts – up to 18% from existing pay structure. Our members have voted up a protected action ballot by huge margins. Cutting pay will stop Mater being able to attract the skilled pharmacists. Patients need skilled pharmacists to make sure they get quality care.

Pharmacists at the mater want to make sure patients continue to get the best care possible – they’re taking action to stop mater’s cuts hurting patients. Professional Pharmacists Australia members at Mater have today voted to take industrial action, up to and including strike. Pharmacists voted 97% in favour of industrial action from putting up posters, dispensing drugs to patients for free, and to strike.

“Pharmacists have voted to take action so they can stand up against the Mater’s proposed 20% pay cut, and to fight for a quality patient care,” said Gianni Sottile, Lead Organiser at Professional Pharmacists Australia, a union representing professional pharmacists.

“Patients, especially cancer patients and new mums and babies need high quality pharmacy services to make sure they get the medications they need. You can’t run a hospital pharmacy like a Chemist Warehouse.”

“Our members are committed to patient safety – so we plan to escalate industrial action from putting up posters and stickers, to dispensing drugs for free to patients, and up to strike action, to give Mater a chance to live up to their values.” Mater pharmacists are standing together, and more are joining in support of action. 95% of members voted in the Protected Action Ballot.

100% of pharmacists voted in favour of dispensing drugs free of cost to patients, and 97% in favour of strikes up to 12 hours.

Pharmacists plan to start taking action by putting up posters and talking to patients in the hospitals, followed by actions that mean that patients will receive drugs at no cost, and will only escalate to striking if the Mater refuses to review its position on its draconian cuts.

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