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Our employment and remuneration report is the most comprehensive, up-to-date guide available in Australia. Run in conjunction with Science and Technology Australia, our free report includes:

  • overall results from our annual Professional Scientists Employment and Remuneration Survey, including a 12-month detailed analysis on topics including working hours, employment sentiment, rates of pay, and more;
  • an in-depth analysis of remuneration broken down into a wide range of demographics, including responsibility level, years of experience, qualification, job function, and much more; and
  • when you purchase the report you also get access to Professionals Australia’s Scientist Remuneration Calculator, which allows you to perform your own custom remuneration analysis.

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For more information about the Professional Scientist Employment and Remuneration Report, contact:

Surveys Unit
Professionals Australia
GPO Box 1272, Melbourne VIC 3001
Phone: 03 9695 8839
Email: [email protected]

Scientists Calculator
The Scientists Salary Calculator uses the data collected in the biannual Professional Scientists Remuneration Survey Report – making it the most up to date resource for calculating your true market value.

You can select a range of analytical categories, including:

  • years of experience;
  • sector;
  • qualification; and
  • geographic location.

In addition to your market value, the calculator can also return valuable comparative market info, such as where in the market a given base salary lies, and in which percentile of the market.

What is the average rate of pay for your profession? And how does your salary stack up against industry standards? Professional Scientists Australia (PSA) takes the guesswork out of these questions with a range of reports and calculators. We can help benchmark your pay packet, work out the appropriate remuneration for your role and industry, and make the case for a pay rise.
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