Fertility Society, Code of Practice Review

In February of this year Professional Scientists Australia (PSA) made a submission to the review of the RTAC Code of Practice, based on a survey which highlighted the fact that 76.5 per cent of respondents found high workloads had increased their stress levels, 72.5 per cent said workload had increased to possibility of human errors occurring, and 93.6 per cent of respondents replied that the Code needed to include provisions to protect against too few fertility scientists. You can read our follow up letter to the The Fertility Society of Australia (FSA) here.

The FSA has responded to our submission by forming a workgroup to investigate our members concerns. However, no commitment has been made by the FSA to implement minimum standards and enforce change.

PSA are currently representing Embryologists in negotiations with Queensland Fertility Group (QFG), who are so far refusing to include a workload clause into the Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA). With companies refusing to address the issue of safe staffing levels at a local level, the FSA as the regulatory body must step in and make strong and enforceable guidelines to protect both patient and staff safety.

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