Our team is dedicated to providing the services and advice you need to get ahead in your profession and build an amazing career.

Joining a union isn’t just about having someone in your corner when you need help. Professional Scientists Australia also offers members opportunities for professional development, as well as a wide range of services and benefits.

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  • Help campaign for a stronger country, with science at the heart of decision-making

  • Contract reviews

  • Access to professional and career development courses and webinars
  • Info on pay and work trends and industry briefings

  • Member Rewards through Member Advantage

  • Access to employment law/industrial advice*

  • Collective bargaining and industrial representation

  • Access to employment/industrial law information, publications and resources on our website
  • Employment/industrial law specialists available for personalised advice and representation**

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* New, upgrading, previous/ re-joining members,  ‘Assist’ Members and members with a pre-existing matter will have access to advice from Employment / Industrial law specialists, limited to one 40minute telephone consultation. 
** New Complete’ members, upgrading, previous/ re-joining members and members with a pre-existing matter, will have a waiting period of three months before being able to access Employment /Industrial law specialists for full personalised advice and representation will not receive advice and representation regarding pre-existing matters. 
Note: A pre-existing matter is defined as one that occurred/arose prior to the member’s join date or a new matter that occurs/arises during the member’s first three months of membership. 

We look after your rights

Professional Scientists Australia provides advocacy, partnership and support when the scientific community faces funding or pay cuts. 

Here are just a few of our wins in the past few years:

  • Professional Scientists Australia members working in the water industry were classified as Laboratory Technicians (no degree required) despite being degree qualified (one with a Masters). We helped these employees to gain the correct classification and pay rate.
  • Senior scientists (and other professionals) on contracts at a local government workplace were being paid less than the people they were managing. We negotiated an enterprise agreement for all senior staff with improved conditions and remuneration.

This is only a snapshot of our campaigns. We will continue to advocate strongly for Australia’s scientists so that this recognition and economic support will become the status quo industry-wide. 

We influence public policy

  • Our campaigns, such as Still the Clever Country? underline the importance of investing in science to ensure Australia retains its international reputation as a ‘clever country’.
  • Professionals Australia successfully campaigned for ongoing funding for the Australian Synchrotron facility and argued for continued efforts to fund world-class research infrastructure in Australia.
  • We make regular submissions to inquiries and reviews which directly relate to the workplace and career prospects of our members.

We have supported members in the workplace

  • providing advice to over 300 science members in the areas of employment contracts, redundancy, leave and performance/discipline issues.
  • awarding two scholarships to early career scientists to attend Science Meets Parliament, as well as a professional development scholarship worth $500 to mark Science Week.
  • providing specialist remuneration services, including detailed advice on market rates by branch of science, responsibility level, post-grad qualification, etc.

Professional Development and member benefits

Not only does Professional Scientists Australia lobby the government, as a member you’ll get: 
  • member-only discounts on groceries, fuel, cinema and consumer goods at some of Australia’s largest retailers;
  • savings on a rage of insurance policies;
  • financial planning and advice; and
  • advice on migration agents and services.

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