Rosemary Young

Union member

Tell us about your work and why your science is important to you/the community/the world.

I am a Beamline Scientist at the Australian Synchrotron, part of ANSTO. I studied chemistry at university and then did research into making new chemical nanomaterials before starting my current job. As a beamline scientist, I do X-ray crystallography, which is the science of determining the structure of molecules in crystals with very high precision, so we can know the position of every atom in the structure. This is essential in many fields of science, from developing new medicines and materials to finding out the structures of viruses and proteins. In my job, I assist scientists from around Australia and overseas to collect the data they need for their research as well as conducting my own research.

What would you say to a woman or girl with a developing passion for science?

Anyone with a passion for science can be a scientist - it doesn't matter if you are not good at maths or get bad grades in science. There are lots of different types of science and many ways to be a scientist.

What would you say to a young scientist thinking about joining their union?

Joining a union means you are never alone. By working together, we ensure there's always someone there to advocate on your behalf.

What are your dreams for your profession and how does being a union member help us get there?

I want to have the job security to be able to focus on my science and develop long term plans and research projects. Being a union member means that I have access to career advice and industrial representation.


Union members are never alone!