Stephanie Boer

Union member

Tell us about your work and why your science is important to you/the community/the world.

My work enables researchers in chemistry and biology to gain a much deeper understanding of the structure of proteins and chemicals. Through this information they can design smarter materials and new drugs to treat all sorts of diseases.

What would you say to a woman or girl with a developing passion for science?

Science is an amazing way to experience the wonder of the world. If you enjoy it, keep pursuing science because science is for everyone.

What would you say to a young scientist thinking about joining their union?

Joining a union means you are supported and you are supporting your fellow scientists in their careers.

What are your dreams for your profession and how does being a union member help us get there?

I look forward to a time when people don't feel they have to sacrifice things to pursue their passion for a career in science.


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