Professional Scientists Australia welcomes Dr Cathy Foley as Chief Scientist

Professional Scientists Australia has welcomed today’s announcement that Dr Cathy Foley has been appointed as Australia’s next Chief Scientist.

Dr. Foley is a renowned physicist and the current Chief Scientist at Australia’s national science agency CSIRO. Her research interest are solid state physics, quantum physics and research translation.

Professional Scientists Australia President Katie Havelberg congratulated Dr Foley on behalf of our 16,000 members directly working in STEM fields. "Dr. Foley is a strong choice for the key role of Chief Scientist," she said, "most notably in recent times for her support for the critical role of providing scientific advice in developing Government policy. She played a crucial role in providing evidence for policy responses in the areas of both the bushfire crisis and COVID-19 response over the last 12 months."

“We also thank outgoing Chief Scientist Alan Finkel for his committed work since 2016, and in particular for his support for the need for recognition of the value of the professional scientific workforce and to provide incentive for the next generation to aspire to professional scientific careers."

Dr. Foley will take over the role in December 2020.