Professional Scientists Australia submission to the review to the RTAC Code of Practice

In February of 2020, we submitted a review to the FSA regarding the RTAC Code of Practice, raising issues such as excessive work-loading, with flow on health and safety risks. Members were also concerned for the effects on patient safety, and expressed frustration with a lack of access to training and professional development.

Some key statistics from the report were:

  • 66.7 per cent of respondents said they thought staffing was not adequate to safely support the annual EPU case load.
  • 72.5 per cent of respondents said workload had increased to possibility of human errors occurring.
  • Working longer hours was linked to higher rates of harm to mental health.
  • 93.6 per cent of respondents said the Code needed to include provisions to protect against too few fertility scientists.
We note that the original timeline for the revised code’s release was August 2020 which was delayed due to covid, however our latest correspondence dated November 2020 stated the review process had recommenced virtually.
Read full review here.
(Adobe PDF File)