Winner of our Science Meets Parliament scholarship

Pia Astbury is a young embryologist based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland where she is responsible for the everyday running of the IVF laboratory. Pia completed her Bachelors of Science with QUT, following which she was given the opportunity to complete an honors degree in Developmental Biology.

During her honors degree Pia investigated oocyte health and its impact on IVF outcomes. She was fortunate to study under the renowned Professor Hayden Homer at the Oocyte Biology Research Laboratory at University of Queensland’s Centre for Clinical Research.

Pia was awarded with a Dean’s Commendation for Academic Excellence and her work was published in the Journal of Medical Sciences (MDPI). Pia is very passionate about continued education and development and is in her final trimester of a Masters of Reproductive Medicine with UNSW.

As a young female scientist having struggled with dyslexia and dyscalculia, Pia is very passionate about being a mentor and advocate for all young girls and women wanting to pursue education and careers in STEM.