Brisbane Women’s March 4 Justice

Professional Scientist Australia members joined with Unions across Queensland to rally in support of stronger sexual harassment and violence laws in and out of the workplace.

Professional Scientist Australia members have been instrumental in their workplaces campaigning for proper process and protections to deal with harassment of all forms, enshrining these in enterprise bargaining agreements and workplace policy. Women in the STEM sector battle a culture of poor gender diversity and discrimination.

Over 40% of women report to us that they have experienced discrimination on the basis of gender over the past three years, compared to just 11.4% of men. Women continue to battle the gender pay gap being paid 17% less than their male counterparts.

Most concerningly, over 20% of women surveyed by PA have reported experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace. As a union, workplace safety is one of our foundational pillars. Scientist members of Professionals Australia will continue to campaign for equality for all across our workplaces and across society as a whole.